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how to replace a water pump on 1993 lexus gs 300 ?

it's a big job. here is the

it's a big job. here is the jist of it. if you are willing to give it a go, let us nkow and we'll get you all the info. mws919
Drain coolant.
Remove water pump pulley and radiator.
Remove timing belt as described under Timing Belt.
Remove timing belt idler pulley.
Remove thermostat as described under Thermostat.
Remove water by-pass outlet and No. 1 water by-pass pipe.
Remove alternator mounting bolt, then disconnect alternator from water pump.
Disconnect No. 2 water by-pass pipe from water pump.
Remove six water pump bolts, water pump and gasket.
Reverse procedure to install, refer to Specifications chart for torque values.

Luka, If you check the


If you check the original date of this thread you'll see that it was started over a year ago, and that the original poster has yet to respond.

Are you the original poster, but just back with a different name?

Over a year later have you not replaced the water pump in Lexus :-(.

What EXACTLY do all the question marks mean?

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