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How to replace alternator on a 2001 Chevy Astro

Disconnect the battery. Draw

Disconnect the battery.
Draw a diagram of the alternator belt routing to assist you in putting it back on correctly.
Remove alternator belt (if single belt system, loosen belt by using a 3/8" ratchet to push/pull the tension in the direction which relieves pressure on the belt and remove belt)
Remove wiring connector which plugs into the alternator (side rear or alt.)
Remove BAT wire from alt (usually a 10mm nut hold the wire on)
Remove both alternator bolts.
Remove alternator from its bracket (may have to pry it out).
Reverse process to install.

For further assistance:
Try for the step-by step guide along with pictures for this procedure.
Once at the site identify you car under the heading "current Vehicle"
Next click "Repair Info" on the tabs below the AutoZone logo.
At the middle of the page go to "Your Ride, Your Guide" and click "Become a member" set you username and password
Log-in and click "Vehicle repair guide"
Select the category for the repair needed.
Select (on the left) type of repair needed.
Page opens to your repair info.

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