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how to replace front wheel bearings in a 4x4 Dodge Dakota yr 1999

start soaking every thing

start soaking every thing with penitrating oil the night befor, they come apart like a bear.
if you run into problems removing them, let me know, i've got a few tricks. mws919


Raise and support vehicle.
Remove wheel and tire assembly.
Remove axle nut.
Remove ABS wheel speed sensor if equipped.
Remove the brake caliper and rotor.

Remove hub/bearing mounting bolts from the steering knuckle.
Slide hub/bearing out of the steering knuckle and off the axle. INSTALLATION
Install the hub/bearing into the steering knuckle and tighten the bolts to 166 Nm (123 ft. lbs.).
Install the brake rotor and caliper.
Install ABS wheel speed sensor if equipped.
Install axle nut and tighten to 235 Nm (173 ft. lbs.) and install cotter pin.
Install wheel and tire assembly.
Remove support and lower vehicle.

Try for the

Try for the step-by step guide along with pictures for this procedure.
Once at the site identify you car under the heading "current Vehicle"
Next click "Repair Info" on the tabs below the AutoZone logo.
At the middle of the page go to "Your Ride, Your Guide" and click "Become a member" set you username and password
Log-in and click "Vehicle repair guide"
Select the category for the repair needed.
Select (on the left) type of repair needed.
Page opens to your repair info.