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How to replace the CV axle on a 1991 Honda Accord

Welcome to Steps

Welcome to Steps to take to replace cv axle. 1: Jack the vehicle up and support it on jack stands. Remove the both front wheels. Using the 36 mm socket, remove the center axle nut. Remove the though-bolt on the bottom of the strut where it attaches to the spindle.
Separate the bottom ball joint from the spindle using the ball joint separator. Using the pry bar, pry the lower control arm down to pull the separated ball joint out of the spindle and push the spindle out of the way toward the rear of the car.
Use the pry bar to pry the CV axle out of the transaxle. Put the pry bar between the transaxle case and the CV axle, and push it out. Remove the CV axle and put it in the box the new axle came in---CV axles carry a core fee, which is refundable upon return of the old axle.
Install the new CV axle by inserting it into the transaxle up to the snap ring clip where it will stop. With both hands, pull it back about an inch and slam it in with a fast push, and you will feel it snap into the locked position.
Grab the brake rotor, pull it outward and insert the outer end of the CV axle into the hub in the rotor. Rotate the rotor back and forth to line up the splines and push the axle in as far as possible. Loosely screw on the axle nut.
Pull the lower control arm down with the pry bar. Line the ball joint up with the hole in the spindle and insert the ball joint. Install the nut on top of the ball joint and tighten it down.
Install the bolt in the bottom of the strut where it attaches to the spindle and tighten. Torque the axle nut to 180 foot pounds. Put the wheel on and repeat from Step 1 for the other side. Good luck.