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i have a 1994 pontiac sunbird with front wheel drive automatic transmission and need to know how to remove the transmission

What kind of problems are you

What kind of problems are you having whith the trans?
This is a big job so if your mechanically inclined, go for it; if not you might need to take it to a shop.

This is a condensed version of the removal process.
Disconnect the battery
Remove the air box, transmisison cooler lines (plug them because they will leak fluid)
Disconnect all electrical connections to the transmission
Use an engine support to hold the engine (mounts inside of the top of each fender and connects to the rear of the engine.
Raise vehicle, drain trans fluid and remove both CV axles (disconnect the tie rods from the steering knuckles also).
Remove trans support brace (between engine and trans) on the passengers' side.
Remove torque converter bolts
Remove transmission to engine bolts
Remove engine front lower mount.
Disconnect all wires, hoses and other components which are attached to the engine cradle.
Remomve the transmission mount which bolts between trans and body of vehicle (if applicable).
Lower vehicle and support engine cradle with jackstands.
Remove engine cradle bolts.
Raise the vehicle, leaving the engine cradle and transmission on the jackstands.
reverse the process to install.

you will need one of these

you will need one of these tools to support engine

thanks guys. my bf was not

thanks guys. my bf was not able to do it cuzz we did not have all the tools so we got someone to do it for us and will be picking up the transmission and then have someone else put it in our car. New question though. Same car, we drove all the way home and then the car just died after we pulled into our parking spot. This is the car that needs a new transmission. The car wants to start but does not turn over and we are getting no pressure at all. We have a full tank of gas and my bf thinks and so does everyone else that it sounds like the fuel pump cuzz it sounds like the car is not getting any gas at all. Is that the problem for sure before we spend more money on a fuel pump that we may not need. thanks for all answers. take care.

your welcome check the other

your welcome check the other post