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I have a 2002 nissan altima, i had a new starter new spark plugs, new cam sensor an crank sensor, new fuel pump all put in and my car still will not crank can you suggest what else I can do, Thanks

does not crank? as in engine

does not crank? as in engine turns over but won't start or turn the key and nothing happens? have battery load tested - make sure cables are tight and clean. will it jump start?

All the parts you changed

All the parts you changed have nothing to do with the car not cranking. Sorry to hear you changed them for nothing.

Disconnect any aftermarket alarm or convenience system (door locks or start enable)

Perform a “Battery Load Test” to determine the condition of the battery.

Clean battery connections with one part baking soda and one part water to remove corrosion. Connections must be tight and clean. Battery terminals must also be clean.

Check for blown fuses, circuit breakers, or fusible links.

Using a test light confirm a circuit to the starter relay

Using a test light confirm circuit to the starter.

does this car have a theft

does this car have a theft deterrent system?

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