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I need to remove an alternator from a 2003 Hyundai Sonata. It is all loose, I just cant get enough clearence to remove from the car.

Welcome to I have

Welcome to I have listed the steps to take to replace alternator below.

1. Remove the passenger side front wheel.

2. Remove the plastic splash shield for access to the alternator

3. Remove the top engine plastic cover

4. Disconnect the battery

5. Loosen the water pump pulley bolts (4X10mm)

6. Remove the belt

7. Remove the alternator (2 bolts and 2 electrical connections)

8. Remove the water pump pulley for access to loosen the fastening bolt of the bracket of the alternator.

9. Loosen the second inner bolt of the bracket, but do not remove it.

10. Remove the two bolts that holds the plastic piece that is on top of the engine which is in parallel to the line of the sparks plugs and remove the plastic piece just enough to get space to take out the alternator.

11. Move the alternator bracket downward for enough space to take out the alternator.

12. Loosen the bolts that hold the electrical junctions to the body for enough space to take out the alternator.

13. Take out the alternator from the top.

I know this wont help the

I know this wont help the original poster but it may help the next guy that comes along.

While I can't state that the above is incorrect, I have done this job and there was no way on the 2.4 L 4cyl. that I could get the alternator out from the top.

Once you have it all loose. Try if you would like to get it from the top but I just could not get enough room.

Ultimately I had to unbolt the exhaust system from the engine and turn wheels hard in one direction to get it out the bottom side.

Remove the three bolts from the Exhaust Manifold connection exhaust pipse and the two bolts that the hanger braket next to the Exhaust Manifold.

Pry off the Rubber hanger mounts closest to the engine and let pipes lower to ground.

Have someone turn wheels all the way in one direction while you watch. One direction gives you slightly more clearance. One way takes away a little. I cant remember which.

I have had the fortunate

I have had the fortunate opportunity to replace TWO alternators in my 03 Sonata. How I got mine in and out was not easy, however I DID get it out through the top.

On the intake manifold, on the passenger side are two brackets that hold vacuum switches and sensors. To get enough room to weasel the alternator through the top I had to remove those two brackets. Works (twice - the old new one was defective).


Tony, Thanks for you input


Thanks for you input buddy, but this thread was started April 5. 2009.

Sorry couldn't resist, but

Sorry couldn't resist, but the easiest way I found was by taking out the passenger side (R/F) c/v axle and pulling out the axle. Out and in... 30 minutes. ;D

I meant pulling out the

I meant pulling out the alternator!! where i'm at!

Bad enough that the post is

Bad enough that the post is from 2009.
Even worse is that all the answers are wrong.



geez... sorry if I offended

geez... sorry if I offended anyone or wasted someone else's time besides mine... wow.

was it the Marines reference?

was it the Marines reference? That was not (nor ever)meant to offend. You obviously know your stuff (as do I... for what I do) and I never discount anyone else's experience or knowledge. One thing I've learned over 20 yrs. in the biz... there's always somethin' new to learn. So what was the the observation you missed?