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My 1996 chevy blazer stopped running. Changed to fuel filter, checked sparks and fuel pump. They're working but still wouldn't run it will crank but not stay running. Could it be the timing or should we check something else first?

spray some carb cleaner into

spray some carb cleaner into intake if it starts replace fuel pump.........sounds like fuel pump pressure is low...test to be sure...common problem with this model

I tested pressure at release

I tested pressure at release valve right before it goes into injector while cranking the engine. It sprayed gas all over the fire wall, looked like plenty of pressure. What else could it be?

need to test pressure with a

need to test pressure with a gauge when its running pressure should be 2.2L 41-47psi 4.3L 60-66psi this is a check list it may help and i also read where pcm connectors may be corroded check that also ok here 1 check list Engine cranks okay, but does not start immediately. Engine eventually starts and may run okay or soon die. Possible Causes & Corrections: Check for restricted exhaust system. Check ignition system for bare or shorted wires, incorrect pick-up coil resistance, loose ignition coil connections or moisture in distributor cap (if equipped). Using Spark Tester (ST-125), check for adequate spark output. Check ignition control circuit for short to ground. Remove spark plugs. Check for wet/fouled spark plugs, cracks in porcelain, improper gap, burned electrodes or heavy carbon deposits. Check for shorts by misting plug wires with water. Check fuel pump relay. Connect test light between fuel pump test terminal and ground. Turn ignition on. Test light should illuminate for 2 seconds. If test light does not illuminate, check fuel pump relay. See SYSTEM/COMPONENT TESTS article. For location of fuel pump test connector, see SYSTEM/COMPONENT TESTS article. Check for poor fuel quality or water-contaminated fuel. Check for correct fuel pressure at all speeds and engine RPMs. Check for a faulty in-tank fuel pump check valve (if equipped). A faulty check valve allows fuel in lines to drain back to tank after engine is stopped. Check EGR operation. Ensure ECT circuit or sensor resistance is not too high. See SENSOR RANGE CHARTS - TRUCKS article. Ensure TP sensor does not stick or bind. A sticking throttle shaft or binding linkage may cause a high TP sensor voltage (open throttle indication). PCM will not control idle if high voltage is sensed. Check Idle Air Control (IAC) system. Check for foreign material in IAC bore. Ensure correct PROM is installed in vehicle. Check with dealer for latest application information.

I really appreciate your

I really appreciate your help! That is a lot to check. I cannot get the vehicle started it just turns over and turns over. I got some backfire through the throttle body after spraying starter fluid in it and trying it. The battery keeps dying now. Does this information give you any thoughts?

have you check the

have you check the fuses/relays, do you know anyone with a obd2 scan tool? sorry that your haveing this issue, it could be sensor related

needs 50 psi to start......

needs 50 psi to start......

and it will run on 40psi so i

and it will run on 40psi so i read

run but not start....

run but not start....

thats is right!! this things

thats is right!! this things do have there leaky intake issues i wonder if they sprayed it like you said ?