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My serpentine belt on my 1999 Ford Escort ZX2 keeps coming off. Tensioner pully is sitting at a little bit of an angle. Nothing in manual about it. How do I change it. No room to work.

if it doesnt have bolt in

if it doesnt have bolt in front to remove tensioner it will have a nut on the backside if you have the new 1 take a look at it and i have had to remove other components to remove also at times it may be required to remove upper engine support as to raise and lower engine with floor jack to make the room if you feeling me hope this mess helps out has free repai info but im only seeing the belt replacement

if its a 2.0 dual overhead u

if its a 2.0 dual overhead u will need a torx to get it off

the bolts holding the

the bolts holding the tensioner may have come loose or the bearings failed. is it grinding? if you have to,cut the belt to get clearance to remove the bolts-belts aren't too pricey.?

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