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no over drive in my 1995 jeep grand cherokee Laredo 318 why would it stop working

Check the preliminarires

Check the preliminarires first; such as the fluid level, conditionof the fluid, linkages, shift cable, modulator (if equipped).

Check transmission shift solenoid fuses.
There is a shift soleniod which makes it go in to overdrive. If this solenoid is bad or doesn't get power, your trans will not hit overdrive.

did the check engine light

did the check engine light come on when this happend?

In most cases, your Jeep will

In most cases, your Jeep will store trouble codes for transmission related issues. To check for codes, put your key in the ignition, and turn the key on and off three times. Make sure OD Off button is in the normal position (overdrive on).

Now watch the tiny light above the OD Off button located on instrument panel. If there are stored codes, the tiny light will flash them. All codes are two digits, so you will see one or more flashes, then a short pause, then one or more flashes.

Example: 2 flashes, short pause, three flashes = 23

Note: A code 55 identifies end of flash code transmission.

Once you've made these checks

Once you've made these checks and if the trans is still not working properly, have the shift pressures checked at a trans repair shop.