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replace clutch master cylinder ford f150

what engin and year

what engin and year

4.2 1999

4.2 1999

here's the removel info, need

here's the removel info, need pics post an email ad, they donn't post here. let me know. mws919

Disconnect the battery ground cable.
Place the transmission in the Neutral position.
Remove the outer gearshift lever boot, and inner gearshift lever.

Disconnect the transmission harness electrical connector.
1 Remove the bolt.
2 Disconnect the electrical connector.

Raise and support the vehicle.
If transmission disassembly is required, drain the transmission fluid.

Remove the rear driveshaft.
1 Remove the bolts.
2 Remove the rear driveshaft.

On 4-wheel drive vehicles, remove the transfer case.

Use (A) Clutch Coupling Tool to disconnect the clutch hydraulic line.
Remove the starter motor.

Disconnect the Heated Oxygen Sensor (H02S) electrical connectors.

Remove the exhaust pipe to exhaust manifold nuts (two each side) and position exhaust pipe aside.

Position (A) High-Lift Jack under the (B) transmission.
Secure with the (C) strap.

Remove the transmission mount nuts.

Remove the heat shield bolts (one on each side).

Remove the rear crossmember.
1 Remove the bolts.
2 Remove the crossmember.

Remove the transmission mount.
1 Remove the bolts.
2 Remove the transmission mount.

Remove the exhaust pipe bracket.
1 Remove the nuts.
2 Remove the exhaust pipe bracket.

Remove the fuel line rear bracket.
1 Remove the nut.
2 Remove the fuel line bracket.

Remove the front fuel line bracket bolt.

On 4.2L vehicles, remove the oil pan to transmission bolts.

On 4.2L vehicles, remove the engine-to-transmission bolts.

NOTE: It may be necessary to lower transmission 2-3 inches to remove upper transmission to engine bolts. On 4.6L vehicles, remove the transmission to engine bolts.