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replace pads and rotors on 2006 nissan altima

REMOVAL Remove master


Remove master cylinder reservoir cap.
Connect the vinyl tube and container to the air bleeder.
Depress the brake pedal and drain the brake fluid gradually from the air bleeder.

Remove connecting bolt and torque member fixing bolts, using power tool.
Remove the brake caliper.
Remove disc rotor.
Separate brake caliper from torque member as required. INSTALLATION CAUTION:
Refill with new brake fluid.
Never reuse drained brake fluid.
Install disc rotor.
Install the brake caliper to torque member and tighten main pin bolt to specification, if required. Refer to BR-21, "Component". CAUTION: When installing the cylinder body in the vehicle, wipe oil from the seating surface of the knuckle spindle washer and the mounting surface of the cylinder body.
Install brake cylinder body to steering knuckle and tighten torque member bolts.

Install brake hose to caliper and tighten connecting bolt. CAUTION:
The copper washer of the connecting bolt has to be replaced every time the fitting is disconnected.
Correctly attach the brake hose to the projecting portion of the cylinder body.
Inspect brake fluid level, then install master cylinder reservoir cap.
Bleed air from brake system. CAUTION: Burnish the brake contact surfaces after refinishing or replacing brake rotors, after replacing pads, or if a soft pedal occurs at very low mileage.