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What are the timing marks for putting the chain back on a 87 mazda b2600 (2.6L) 4x4

if you need the pics, give me

if you need the pics, give me your email. mws919

1987 Mazda Truck B Series Truck 4WD L4-2555cc 2.6L SOHC
Vehicle Level Engine, Cooling and Exhaust Engine Service and Repair Engine Assembly

Engine Assembly


Apply suitable oil to valve guides, then install lower spring seats.
Install valve seals on valve guides using valve seal pusher tool 49WD37160 or equivalent.
Apply suitable grease to valve stem, then install valve in cylinder head.
Install valve springs and upper spring seats. Ensure valve spring blue identification mark faces the upper valve spring seat.
Compress valve spring using a suitable tool, then install valve retainers. Lightly tap end of valve stem with plastic hammer to seat retainers.

Install new jet valve seal using a suitable tool.
Apply suitable oil to jet valve stem, then install jet valve into body. Ensure valve slides smoothly. Use caution not to damage valve seal lip.
Install jet valve spring and spring seat in body.
Compress spring using a suitable tool, then install valve retainers. Use caution not to damage valve stem by spring seat.
Install new O-ring into groove of jet valve body, then apply suitable oil to jet valve threads and seat surface.
Screw jet valve assembly into cylinder head, then torque to 13-15 ft.lbs. using suitable tools.
Fig. 6 Installing crankshaft main bearings


Install main bearings as shown in Fig. 6. Ensure bearings are in correct location or damage may occur.
Check main bearing clearance using Plastigage. If clearance is not as specified, replace bearing caps.
After checking and correcting oil clearance, apply suitable oil to main bearings and main journals, then install crankshaft.
Install main bearing caps and cap attaching bolts, then move crankshaft back and forth to ensure proper seating. Torque cap attaching bolts to 54-61 ft.lbs.
Ensure crankshaft turns easily, then measure crankshaft endplay. If endplay exceeds .010 inch, replace bearings.
Fig. 7 Piston & connecting rod assembly


Align connecting rod oil hole with mark on top of piston as shown in Fig. 7.
Apply suitable oil to piston pin and small end of connecting rod.
Install piston pin using a press and suitable tools. If pin cannot be installed with a pressure of 1650-3850 lbs., replace piston pin and/or connecting rod.
Apply suitable oil to piston ring grooves, then install piston ring spacer, upper side rail and lower side rail. Ensure upper and lower side rails turn smoothly in both directions.
Install No. 2 piston ring, with ``2T'' identification mark facing up, using a suitable tool.
Install No. 1 piston ring, with ``TT'' identification mark facing up, using a suitable tool.
Fig. 8 Installing piston rings

Apply engine oil to piston and rings, then position rings as shown in Fig. 8. Ensure ring gaps are not positioned in thrust or pin direction.
Apply suitable oil to cylinder wall, then install pistons and connecting rods into cylinder using a suitable tool. Ensure triangle mark on top of piston point toward front.
Install connecting rod caps, aligning matching marks, then the cap attaching bolts.

Apply suitable oil to lip of case oil seal, then install oil seal in oil seal case using suitable tools.
Install oil separator in oil case with 4 mm diameter hole in 6 o'clock position.
Install oil seal case and gasket to rear surface of cylinder block, then the oil seal case attaching bolts. Torque attaching bolts to 87-104 inch lbs.

Install end plate, gasket and end plate attaching bolts. Torque attaching bolts to 52-69 inch lbs.
Press pilot bearing into flywheel using suitable tools. Ensure bearing is fully seated.
Turn flywheel until No. 1 piston is at TDC, then install flywheel to crankshaft.
Install ring gear brake, then torque flywheel attaching bolts to 94-101 ft.lbs.
Install clutch disc, spring washers and clutch cover using suitable tools. Torque clutch cover attaching bolts to 12 ft.lbs. on 1987 models, or 13-20 ft.lbs. (18-26 N-m) on 1988 models.
Fig. 9 Aligning timing chain & sprockets


Install sprocket holder, then the timing chain guides. Torque guide attaching bolts to 87-104 inch lbs.
Align plated links of timing chain with timing marks on sprockets, Fig. 9.
Slide crankshaft sprocket onto crankshaft and place camshaft sprocket on sprocket holder.

Apply suitable oil to journal of shaft, then install balance shaft into cylinder block. Use caution not to damage bearing.
Install new O-ring into groove of thrust plate, then apply suitable oil around O-ring.
Install thrust plate using two 6 mm x 50 mm bolts as guides to ensure proper alignment.
Remove two guides, then install thrust plate attaching bolts. Torque bolts to 87-95 inch lbs.
Fig. 10 Aligning oil pump gears


Install oil pump gears in oil pump body with timing marks aligned, Fig. 10.
Install oil pump cover and cover attaching screw to body, then apply approximately 10cc of suitable oil in delivery port.
Install balance shaft into oil pump driven gear and torque to 43-50 ft.lbs.
Apply suitable oil to balance shaft journal, then install balance shaft, oil pump assembly and chain adjuster into cylinder block. Push in and hold chain adjuster head to facilitate installation. Use caution not to damage bearing.
Torque oil pump attaching bolts to 69-78 inch lbs.
Fig. 11 Installing balance shaft drive sprocket


Install balance shaft drive sprocket on crankshaft, Fig. 11.
Fig. 12 Balance shaft drive sprocket alignment

Assemble balance shaft sprockets to balance shaft drive chain. Ensure timing marks are in alignment with polished links. Note that right and left sprockets are installed in opposite directions, Fig. 12.
Holding assembled sprockets and balance shaft drive chain, align timing mark on crankshaft sprocket with balance shaft drive chain, then install oil pump drive and right balance shaft. Hand tighten bolts.
Temporarily install chain guides A, B and C.
Tighten chain guides A and C, then torque balance shaft sprocket bolt to 43-50 ft.lbs. and oil pump sprocket bolt to 22-29 ft.lbs.
Fig. 13 Adjusting oil pump & balance shaft drive chain. 1987

Rotate both balance shaft sprockets to position chain slack between left balance shaft sprocket and oil pump sprocket, Fig. 13.
Adjust position of chain guide B so that when chain is pulled in direction of arrow, Fig. 13, clearance between chain guide B and links of chain is .04-.14 inch (1-3.5 mm) on 1987 models, or .008-.031 inch (.02-.08 mm) on 1988 models.
After adjustment is complete, torque upper bolt to 69-78 inch lbs. and lower bolt to 11-15 ft.lbs.

Apply suitable oil to oil seal lip, then install crankshaft front oil seal in timing chain case.
Install timing chain case and gasket. Torque case attaching bolts 9-10 ft.lbs.
Fig. 15 Installing oil pan


Install oil strainer and gasket to oil pump cover, then the strainer attaching bolts. Torque bolts to 11-16 ft.lbs.
Apply suitable sealant to oil pan as shown in Fig. 15, then install oil pan gasket.
Install oil pan and gasket assembly, then the oil pan attaching bolts. Torque bolts to 52-61 inch lbs.
Install crankshaft pulley and attaching bolt on crankshaft. Torque attaching bolt to 80-94 ft.lbs. and remove ring gear brake.
Fig. 16 Cylinder head bolt torquing sequence


Remove dirt or grease from cylinder head surface, then apply suitable sealant to cylinder block and chain contact surfaces.
Install cylinder head gasket with identification mark facing cylinder head.
Install cylinder head and cylinder head attaching bolts. Torque bolts to specifications and in sequence shown in Fig. 16.
Fig. 17 Install rocker arm shaft


Apply suitable oil to all moving parts, then install right and left rocker arm shafts to front camshaft cap.
Align mating mark on front of rocker arm shaft with mating mark on front of camshaft cap, Fig. 17.
Assembly intake and exhaust rocker arms, springs, wave washers and camshaft caps. Ensure wave washer faces toward front of engine.
Install hydraulic lash adjusters under rocker arms, then place a suitable lash adjuster holder in position on rocker arm to prevent adjusters from falling out.

Apply suitable oil to camshaft journals and install onto cylinder head. When installing camshaft, align dowel pin on camshaft sprocket with hole in camshaft.
Apply suitable sealant on circular packing, then install packing on end of cylinder head.
Install rocker arm and rocker shaft assembly on cylinder head.
Fig. 18 Camshaft bearing cap bolt torquing sequence

Torque camshaft bearing cap bolts to specifications and in sequence shown in Fig. 18.
Fig. 19 Installing distributor drive gear

Align and install distributor drive gear to camshaft, Fig. 19. Torque drive gear attaching bolt to 36-43 ft.lbs.
Adjust jet valve at TDC of compression stroke for each cylinder to .010 inch.
Apply suitable sealant to valve cover, then install valve cover and cover attaching bolts.

Install water pump, gasket and water pump attaching bolts. Torque bolts to 104-122 inch lbs.
Install oil pressure switch and oil filter.
Install intake manifold, gasket and carburetor assembly.
Connect fuel hoses, then install distributor, spark plug wires and coil wires.
Install exhaust manifold assembly, then the alternator and cooling fan.
Install engine mount bracket.

Hi mws919, Would I be able to

Hi mws919,
Would I be able to get the pics for this answer?
I'm after fig 9-13.

[email protected]

check email

check email

Hi mws919, Can you send me

Hi mws919, Can you send me the pictures too? Thanks. I'm specifically looking for timing chain marks relative to the cam location at TDC. The front cover is still on, so I have the TDC mark, but I can't use the plated link, and need to time by orienting the cam, to what?