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What type of carburetor is in a 1984 Chevy G30 Van?

what engine? the carb has a

what engine? the carb has a label on it so you can match it but being an 84 it could have been changed a time or two.

Also, when you ask "Type"

Also, when you ask "Type" does that mean 2 or 4 barrel? Does P-30 help or mean anything to you?

Most likely it's a Quadra-jet

Most likely it's a Quadra-jet carburetor. Look on the left side (driver's side)of the carb about middle-ways. There you will find the carburetor number (example; 17026831), written (stamped) vertically on the body of the carb. Use this number to identify the carb at the parts store for either buying parts or for replacing the carb.

I would guess that it is a

I would guess that it is a Rochester Quadra Jet. The carb number should be on the drivers side rear corner of the carb.

Drivability, Rough night


Rough night buddy, maybe you did too many burgers?(LOL)

I just went down the line and responded to a number of old posts that you resurrected. I know your trying to help, and it's clear to see that you're a good mechanic, but resurrecting these old posts is confusing and detracts from the forum. Again welcome aboard, but kindly stop resurrecting these old posts. There are gonna be plenty new posts here where you can use your skills. Thanks man.

I might be mistaken but I

I might be mistaken but I thought that fixing the car of the original person posting was only part of the objective. I thought this was also to be used as an archive to help others with similar cars and similar problems. Kind of like Identifix but for no cost.

drivabillity, your are right,

drivabillity, your are right, this is a information compiling site, just google your screen name and you'll see what i mean.

but what bigblock is saying, is that when old posts are reopened they push back currant posts that may be awaiting answers, and once they get pushed back a few pages, they offen get lost and not answered quickly.

by all means you are adding good info on this site and i wish there was a way old posts could be added to and indexed with points, but remain archived.

Although this post is old. I

Although this post is old. I should have listed the carb ad a rochester 2 bbl. not a quadra-Jet (which is a 4bbl). They look a lot alike except the 2bbl doesn't have the two very large rear "barrels."
I hope that this didn't cause any problems.

You should not go into the

You should not go into the carb if you don't know the lean and rich stop adjustments.

By lean and rich stop

By lean and rich stop adjustments, do you mean the idle air mixture setting or the power valve height adjustment setting?