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where is the crankshaft sensor located on a 4 cylinder 2005 Hyundai Sonata?

behind timming belt cover,

behind timming belt cover, just above the crank t.belt pulley. what's up?

The car stopped running when

The car stopped running when we were driving around 40 mph and wouldnt start again. It starts when you put starting fluid in, but wont pump any fuel. We thought it was the fuel pump, but the code on the computer that was put on says its the crankshaft position sensor. A friends hubby states that if the sensor went out while it was running, it may have put a rod thru the engine? any thoughts?

few weeks ago i had a 2001

few weeks ago i had a 2001 sonata with the 2.4l come into the shop on a hook, i inspected the car found no crank signal, i removed the timing covers and found a broken counter balace belt, a broken crank sensor, tone ring, and 20 or so teeth gone from the belt. i replaced the parts and i had no spark. i tested the coils good, cam sensor good, and the misfire sensor bad, replaced it (4 day wait) no spark. now we are scratching our heads, we use the snap on moduis to see waves and pulses. very weak signal from the pcm, next we got a used pcm. our signal is strong but no spark. we got no hynudi service. found a tsb that said that the pcm if shorted could take out the misfire sensor. replaced it again, car runs. the crank had to have backfed to the pcm to short it out.