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Window Motor removal on a 2005 Chevy Cavalier

very simple there are a

very simple there are a couple screws that hold the pannel in place ounce all the screws are out if you have manual windows remove the handle if its power you might have to remove it. then start at the bottom of the door and pull outwards untill it pops loose then after the pannel is loose lift up and away and disconnect any wires that are still connected on the inside pell the plastic away untill you can see everything inside the door the window motor is normally held in by two screws bolted into the regulator it is very strange that you would want to replace the motor because most of the time the problem is the regulator ounce your inside the door you can tell what the problem is just follw the steps backwards to put it back together

Alright! Got her done! (Well,

Alright! Got her done! (Well, sort of). Took me a day to do two windows. The left front and the right rear. Had to grind the rivets holding the Motor/Regulator assembly from the doors, as well as the Motors from the Regulators (Motors cost 35.00 each, Motors w/Regulators...135.00 each!)
Bolted both assemblies together and popped them back in. However, I believe I screwed up by putting the motor that should have went in the front left door, in the right rear and vise verse. Now when I push the main window buttons on the console, one button pushed downward makes a window go up and the other button pushed downward makes the other window go down!
Oh well, can't win em all!
Thanks for the assist!