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Dodge Durango Turning Over, But Engine Not Starting

Hi, thanks for your help in advance! I have a 2008 Dodge Durango. For the last couple of months, it's been turning over, but not starting the first time I try to start it. I'll turn the ignition switch to "off" and try it again, and it starts right up. However, today, I tried it over and over and it turns over and the battery sounds great, but the engine just won't start.

After doing some reading online, I am wondering if it's the fuel pump, but don't want to jump right into that repair if it's something more simple.

Over the last couple of months it's been relatively warm here (in SLC, UT) but this morning, when I am really having a problem getting the engine to start, it was about 15 to 20 degrees colder.

Do you have any idea what could be causing this problem?

Jared, Thanks for the


Thanks for the detailed description. I would go with your first instinct. Checking the fuel pressure seems like a good idea. There are several tests you could perform but check for spark and post the results of a fuel pressure test as well. These checks should be performed while the vehicle is not starting.

Post back with any info or questions. We'll be glad to help. Thanks.

Thanks drivability! I was

Thanks drivability! I was just on my way to AutoZone when my wife said "Did you try putting gas in it?" She said that because it acts up when it's low on gas, more than anytime. So, It had 88 miles until empty in it, before I put gas in, so I know there was gas in the car before, but I put about two more gallons of gas in and it started up.

I'm heading over to get a fuel pressure guage and I'll post the results. Not sure if the new info helps, but I thought I'd post it just in case!

We're here to help. If you

We're here to help. If you are not familiar with the terms below then let us know.

Static fuel pressure.
Residual fuel pressure.
Fuel pump check valve.

Durango turns over, but does

Durango turns over, but does not always start. Taken it to the dealer 3 times and they can't find the problem and they send me home. Tired of dealing with them and basically thinking I'm making this up even though they have video! They replaced the fuel pump, but that did noting. I'm over Dodge!! Customer service sucks!

Wendy C

Hi Wendy, Welcome to the

Hi Wendy,

Welcome to the forum.
I have answers for you.
Just really busy now.
Can't stop to type out all I wanna tell you.
Check back here tonight between 12PM and 1AM.
Answers will be here for you.
Thank You.


Hi Wendi, Don’t buy or

Hi Wendi,

Don’t buy or replace anymore parts at this time.

Don’t go to anymore dealers for repairs (and or) routine maintenance.

Dealers are conniving liars and thieves who exist ONLY to rip-off consumers.

You should go to a dealer for recalls ONLY, because recalls are FREE.

About your “Intermittent No Start Issue”.

Your truck has sparkplugs. Fuel and spark (which is basically just voltage) must reach the sparkplugs so that your truck can start. To diagnose your problem you need to determine what is NOT reaching the spark plugs when the truck WON’T start.

Is it fuel?

Is it spark?

Or is it both fuel and spark that are not reaching the sparkplugs?

Doesn’t matter that the fuel pump was replaced.

Could still be a “Fuel Delivery” issue even with a new fuel pump.

Specific tests need to be done.

Post the year, engine size, and mileage, so I can start you off on the tests.


Ignore the “Check Engine Light”. Ignore means you should do a scan for “Engine Error Codes” even if the “Check Engine Light” is off (and or) never came on. Scans are FREE at Auto Zone stores. Have a scan done and post any codes that are set so I can see them.