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how to extract a broken tap inside a hole

i tried to drill it, the

i tried to drill it, the material of the tap is very hard and can't be drilled. i need to know other means please

This is kinda tough to answer

This is kinda tough to answer because I don't know the location of the tap. How deep is it broken off, is it horizontal or vertical, what size tap? I will, for the sake of argument, assume the best case scenario. It is easy to get to, not very deep etc.. I don't know what type of material it is broken off into either. First spray WD-40 into the hole and try to flush out all chips, dirt etc..Then, take a small hammer and punch and try to "rotate" the broken piece out. You may also try to just disintegrate the tap with hammer and punch. (put on some safety glasses!!) Then wash out the residue with WD and compressed air. Another scenario is to slide two or three or four (depending on the style of tap) small pieces of steel into the flutes and use a pair of (read my lips...) VICEGRIPS the real thing not a fake pair! to try and rotate the tap carcass out of the hole. If you want to try to drill it out you must use carbide. Hope this at least steers you in the right direction. I have had to remove many broken taps as a machinist in many different types of metal.