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how do i change the camshaft position sensor on a 04 nissian sentra 2.5l

There is a TSB

There is a TSB (NTB01-074a) for this complaint to replace the ignition coil resistors that are located in the ignition coil boots to the spark plugs. Remove the boots from the ignition coils and replace the resistor with the longer spring end of the resistor pointing toward the spark plugs. Resistor spring part #22468-6N225. For vehicles with an immobilizer system, there will be a security light on top of the dash by the right (passenger side) defroster grill. If there is no light (just a plastic cover over where a light could be), then no immobilizer system. Lets do that first and then move ob. 1. Replace the ignition coil resistors per TSB #NTB01-074a. 2. Back probe and check the CMP sensor for battery voltage on the Red/Green wire with the key ON. 3. Back probe and check for a good ground on the Black wire at the CMP sensor with the key ON - look for 0.05 volts or less to be ok. 4. Back probe and check for about 10 volts out of the CMP sensor on the Red wire. Engine position can matter so if no voltage, turn the engine a little bit or remove the CMP sensor from the engine and leave the CMP sensor plugged in electrically and check for the 10.0 volts on the Red wire then. Wiggle the CMP sensor connection and see if the 10.0 volts comes and goes. 5. Scope the CMP sensor signal on the Red wire and look for a clean 0-12 volt square wave cranking or running. 6. Scope the CMP sensor on the Red wire at terminal 62 (for vehicles with the immobilizer system) or terminal 71 (for vehicles with out the immobilizer system) at the ECM as necessary. As far as the sensor you just need to disconnect it from the wiring harness. It's located to the right side of the engine.